Use my experience as Motivation that you can do it too!
 I was just like you thinking, I would not change, and I DID!

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Watch My 3 Minute Transformation Story

Its Very Important you watch this video!
Learn about the Most Powerful Superfood Breakfast I could find and HOW TO PROVE IT WORKS!


THE OLD ME 225lbs! Dangerous blood work

!!!I then got my shirts TAILORED TO FIT!!!


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There I was at a young Age 37 in 2017,I own a very successful technology Surveillance Camera business/and Im an aerial TOPO Surveyor/ Drafter for many engineers, but even though I had financial wealth I DIDN'T HAVE HEALTH. I use to say "Its OK that I am FAT, because I have money at least" but I knew it was just an excuse I made but deep inside I was hurting/ and not happy with what I saw in the mirror.  At a young age of 37 and many years prior, I was in dangerous diabetes territory, waking up fasted with sugar levels 125-150 / I had fatty liver disease and anytime I ate, I would get bloated because my liver would not drop enough bile to breakdown food/ and I would get sleepy because my pancreas would send outrageous amounts of insulin to make my high sugar go low, but the problem is it EJECTED OUT as fat, instead of removing Sugar thru PEE and POOP (Digestion) therefor my sugar crashed and I would get dangerously sleepy (most people call this food comas and think its normal when ITS NOT) it was a vicious cycle of over eating to give myself fuel/energy but it kept leading to fat storage!  My doctor told me if I don't change, I am gonna die young at 50-60!  I was NOT EVEN OBESE, I was only 40-50lbs overweight, and goes to show how LITTLE I knew that you could be sick internally! I used to think, well I am fat, but without my shirt only, but to my surprise I was diabetic/and beginning to lose sensation in my toes due to high blood sugar. Getting lean Abs was the last thing on my mind, all I wanted was to lose fat/clean my arteries/ lower sugar to get healthy.  Little did I know less than 6 months later I would lose my belly fat, have a flat hard tummy, end up with lean abs and  become a coach to help others!   

I help clients understand why I chose beachbody! The convenience of doing the short workouts at home to get the BLOOD PUMPING and first thing in the morning which is major fat burning trick, it forces the liver to have NO CHOICE to begin to DETOX/Clean the blood faster since YOU HAVE NOT EATEN food since you are barely waking up! Combined with the power of Shakeology Superfoods/ eating other healthy food as well, all added up at cleaning out the liver and keeping Liver CLEAN,  its NO WONDER I had a drastic Transformation!

I shocked my entire town when they saw FAT JOEY, go to FIT JOEY within 3-6 months!   And my blood work is amazing! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING SPECIAL NOR INVENT ANYTHING, I SIMPLY COPIED THE CALENDAR from Beachbody and Drank Shakeology Superfoods as my first meal of the day after my workout!  And it was the best decision of my life and not only did I stop those diseases, but now I walk around with Lean ABS! And most importantly,  I have KEPT THE FAT OFF ever since 2018 easily!! I have NEVER lost my results that I experienced those first 3-6 months! Why have I been able to sustain results? Because there is no hard core crash diets and when something is EASY you stick to it long term.  The funny thing is I now eat bad 2-3 days a week/ Burgers/ Pizza/ Tacos and I never lost my results. I still move my body about 2-3 hours a week from a very short easy to follow workout on the TV, that is only 25-30 minutes and I do that 3 or 4 days a week. LONG TERM RESULTS 

This is why I became a Beachbody Coach, to help others live a healthier life without depending on a GYM TRAINER/ or Crazy Crossfits!!   Society has everyone all confused thinking you have to go to a gym, or pay a trainer or Nutritionist!  Nope! with beach body you can Get Fit AF faster because Beachbody gives you the knowledge to become INDEPENDENT!  You get the amazing meal plans/ and you learn how to find your magic BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) a target window of Calories to hit and I LOST ALL MY FAT even with CARBS. All you have to do is cutt out the bad carbs during your first 3 months. (this is way better than Keto diet, because KETO tells you to even CUTT OUT GOOD CARBS)  But on Beachbody when your read your Nutritional guide, dont freak out with all the GOOD CARBS you get to eat!  Look at the end of the day as long as your liver is clean, you can handle all sorts of carbs! Liver is what creates bile to breakdown carbs, even the bad carbs and over the next 3-4 months you are doing a major cleaning to your liver, then after 3-4 months it is CLEAN and now each time you drink Shakeology, its basically doing a maintenance cleaning, but the first 3-4 months it was doing a slow and steady cleanup to get optimized.  Shakeology also helps keep your cravings in CHECK because its actually fixing your hormones! Its making your body over time more SENSITIVE to your own INSULIN!!  Now your body/brain isnt triggering you to EAT BAD CHOICES as often!   This not a crash diet where people lose will power/ crash and burn!  Nope, we use the power of Superfoods to heal major mineral deficiencies! This is why I HIGHLY recommend you go to Walgreens or CVS, and buy a Glucose/Sugar meter $30 to test your blood weekly!  So you can be impressed with your insulin sensitivity test results over time! 

Anyways you will learn More about Shakeology!  Just know that I am here to answer any questions!  And to make it even EASIER I have lots of information/ videos and detailed blogs that explain HOW I DID MY TRANSFORMATION!   HOW Did I lose the 40-50lbs and now have Lean abs,  How I reversed my Diabetes and Fatty Liver in record TIME!  and MOST IMPORTANTLY>>>>   How have I kept it off EASILY even while eating Pizza/ Burgers/ Tacos, Weekly!!!  


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Watch this video so you understand why I am your free startup coach/ motivational coach and we check in with each other once or twice a month to see where your at.   Beachbody takes care of me and Beachbody takes care of you and I want to make you like me, a successful coach to yourself and to others.

BeachBody is awesome that they save money, and they don't pay retail stores like GNC and all other fitness stores to hold their product, cuz those retailers wont do the program justice of explaining it right, etc,. so why would they want to pay GNC their fees or commissions, etc or all the other health fitness,.  anyways they reward people like us who stay committed for 10 weeks or 12, and then we give them recognition on videos or posts,   anyways you do NOT need to depend on a trainer at the gym.,they want you to DEPEND on them and you pay them $100-$400 a month?   I mean I guess some people need that but maybe its because they haven't discovered what BeachBody offers you, for free, they give you meal planner and booklets that tell you exactly what to do,.,. heck some of the trainers at gyms use the same info and turn around and charge you for just telling you.  So if you are ready to depend on yourself., then do it.,, I was not even an expert,. all i did was do the program and eat  the way it said

My goal is to help you because BeachBody likes to track how did people find out., and then you yourself are like a coach to your friends and family when they change their bodies too,. and guess what,. Beachbody rewards you by inviting you to parties around the world, and they give rewards when you change your body!

again, you dont have to do this for all the partying and rewards,.,. I DID IT FOR JUST CHANGING MY BODY and GETTING SEXY,.,.but it doesnt hurt that they reward you.    contact me txt or call so I send your custom email order link, or choose the challenge pack   CLICK COACH and start being your coach today and ILL HELP YOU SUCCEED

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